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Client Feedback

Getting feedback either good or bad, from clients is very important. It let's me know how I am doing to help others on their mental health journey. It is never an easy process for a client, but to be told that they are benefiting and feeling an uplift is so rewarding to me.

I have been given permission to share this feedback, not as a pat on my back, but to let others thinking about getting help and talking to reach out. Together we can make life and your thoughts much happier.

This is from Yusra, a Senior NHS Manager, a wife and mum of two.

"I would highly recommend Tahirah's counselling services for any woman who is struggling with the challenges of life including relationships, in-laws, marriage, workplace issues and just generally feeling isolated and different from others.

She is an excellent listener, empathetic and feels your feelings with you. I did a series of weekly online 50 minute sessions with her and always looked forward to speaking with her.

With any counselling to be successful you must be willing to look inwards to truly understand what drives your thoughts and emotional responses...

Tahirah has a special way of asking the right questions to help you unlock your thought patterns and think about why we act the way we do and then challenging her clients to try life in a different way.

If you want to start the journey of healing - then self compassion and self inquiry is essential and working with a counsellor to guide you on how to do this is the fastest way...

I've had several failed starts with different counsellors who I couldn't connect with whereas With Tahirah I connected instantly because of her friendly personality and sensitive approach.

I would encourage anyone to take up counselling with Tahirah and use the services on her site if you want to live a more intentional and less stressed life!"

Contact me, here if you would like to talk matters through or even just to see if I am right for you, all correspondence is confidential and private.

November 2022

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